Responsibilities of the Allen County Engineer’s Office

The Allen County Engineer’s Office is responsible for the maintenance of Allen County’s local highway system, which includes 353 miles of county roads, 550 miles of township roads.  The County Engineer is also responsible for the inspection, maintenance and replacement of 377 bridges and over 1,400 culverts of various sizes located throughout the county.  To maintain this complex system, the County Engineer works in cooperation with the 12 townships to help perform roadside mowing, snow plowing, drainage improvements and road maintenance.  

brionBrion E. Rhodes, P.E., P.S.
Allen County Engineer

Brion is a graduate of the Ohio Northern University and is both a registered professional engineer and a registered professional surveyor. He has been with the Allen County Engineer’s Office since 1997 and became the Bridge Engineer in 1999 and held that position for 16 years. In 2009, he was awarded…..

County Map

Allen County has an area of 405 square miles and a population of 106,331 (2010 census). The county seat is Lima, Ohio, which lies in the center of the county.

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Shawnee Roundabout Project

The intersection at Shawnee & Ft Amanda Road handles over 14,000 vehicles per day making it the busiest intersection under the Allen County Engineer’s responsibility.  With all the traffic congestion and since it was our #1 crash location for 3 consecutive years, this intersection has remained one of our top priorities.  To solve these issues, the roundabout design was chosen because it provides a safer and more efficient way to handle traffic compared to conventional intersections.

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Recent News

  • 2021 Road Program Meeting2021 Road Program Meeting
    One of the Allen County Engineer’s routine Spring activities is the annual review of county and township road conditions. The Allen County Engineer oversees 353 miles of county roadway, while the 12 Allen County townships oversee a combined 550 miles ... full story
  • Annual Bridge Inspections CompleteAnnual Bridge Inspections Complete
    Just as the cycle of seasons come and go, so do the annual bridge inspections for the 377 bridges under the responsibility of the Allen County Engineer Brion Rhodes and his staff.  This task takes an entire year to complete, ... full story
  • Permissive Tax Fees IncreasedPermissive Tax Fees Increased
    While labor, equipment and material costs rise on an annual basis, the major funding sources for roads and bridges in Allen County haven't increased in decades.  For example:  Allen County residents have not seen an increase in permissive license plate fees ... full story

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