Road Projects

2017 Road Program

Allen County’s annual road program includes paving, tar & chip work and crack patching on various county roads.  The funding for this work mainly comes from the Motor Vehicle License Plate Fees and Gasoline Tax, but can occasionally come from a State or Federal Grant.  Particular projects are determined in April and approved by the Board of County Commissioners.  Work usually begins in May or June and is completed by October.  Allen County forces do all of the tar & chip work and most of the minor paving work.  The larger paving projects are bid-out and performed by a private contractor.

Allen County EAST SIDE

Amherst County Line Napoleon Seal
Bluelick Wolfe Slabtown Pave
Old Thayer Thayer Railroad Seal
Stewart Bible SR 81 Seal
Stewart Bible Bluelick Seal
Stewart Bluelick Loescher Seal
Stewart Loescher Lutz Seal
Stewart Lutz State Seal
Reservoir Pevee Shrider Seal
Reservoir Shrider Phillips Seal
Reservoir Phillips Napoleon Seal
Bentley Putnam Corp. Limit Seal
Hanthorn Greely Chapel Bowman Seal
Thayer Bluelick Sandusky Seal
Slabtown Bible Bluelick Seal
Reservoir Phillips Napoleon Pave
Napoleon Sandusky Bluelick Pave
Phillips Sugar Creek Lincoln Pave
Phillips Col. Grove – Bluffton Bixel Pave
Thayer State SR 30 Pave
Thayer State Sugar Creek Pave
Thayer Sugar Creek Finch Seal
Thayer Finch Dixie Pave
Slabtown Bible Bluelick Pave
Slabtown Lincoln Hook-Waltz Pave
Slabtown Hook-Waltz Hillville Pave
Various Hot Mix Bluffton Pave
Various Hot Mix Shelly Pave
Various Seal Seal
Various Berm Stone Berm
Reservoir Roush I-75 Seal

Allen County WEST SIDE

Gomer Eastown State Seal
Dutch Hollow Sherrick Village Limits Seal
Lehman Elida Dead End Seal
Landeck Acadia Kill Seal
Kill Landeck Bloomlock Seal
West Union Becker Acadia Seal
Poling Kemp Grubb Seal
Kemp Poling Piquad Seal
Buckeye Ft. Amanda McClain Seal
Dixie Breese Buckeye Seal
Breese Railroad Seal Joint Seal
Kolter Wisher Wilkin Seal
State Leatherwood Grubb Pave
Various Pave Bluffton Pave
Various Pave Shelly Pave
Various Berm  Stone Berm


Future Road Projects

Kill Road Reconstruction
– This office has secured state and local funding to widen and reconstruct approximately 2,150′ of Kill Road between the Norfolk and Western Railroad and State Road in the NW corner of Allen County.  The purpose is to improve safety by widening the existing 17’ wide road to 24’ wide to accommodate semi-truck traffic from the feed processing facility on that section of Kill Road.  This company’s proposed expansion is adding several semi-trucks per day to the roadway, which only has an ADT of 300 vpd.  The low volume road is not designed to handle truck traffic and the 17’ width is not wide enough to allow trucks to pass safely.  This project would greatly improve access to the business and support the continued growth.

Elida Road Joint Repair – In 2018, we will be receiving Federal Funds to repair a 2 ¼ mile section of Elida Road just east of Delphos, from the corporation limits to Baugh Road.  Approximately 140 concrete joints will be cut out and repaired with compacted stone and asphalt base mix.  Then the entire 2.5 miles will be leveled and paved with a new top course to greatly improve the driving surface in that section.

Guardrail Replacement – In 2018, we will also be receiving a $300,000 Federal Safety Grant to replace several sections of deteriorating guardrail along several county roads.  This is a 100% Federal Grant, meaning there will be no matching local funds used for the construction of this project.

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