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Permissive Tax Fees Increased

While labor, equipment and material costs rise on an annual basis, the major funding sources for roads and bridges in Allen County hasn’t increased in decades.  For example:  Allen County residents have not seen an increase in permissive license plate fees since its inception in 1968 (50 yrs).  Ohio license plate fees haven’t increased since 1988 (30 yrs), the federal gas tax has not increased since 1993 (25 yrs) and the Ohio gas tax hasn’t increased since 2005 (13 yrs).

Realizing the poor condition and need for repairs to our roads and bridges, on June 28, 2018, the Allen County Commissioners agreed to increase the permissive license plate fees for Allen County residents.  This permissive license plate fee was increased by $5 to all Allen County residents when license plates are renewed after January, 2019.   In addition, county residents outside of Lima or Spencerville will see an additional $5 fee for the same purpose.  Residents inside Lima and Spencerville have already been charged this fee for municipal upgrades for years and therefore will not be affected.  These increased fees are expected to generate about $740,000 annually and can only be used for road and bridge improvements according to law.

Slabtown Road Bridge – Awarded

Bids were opened for the construction of a new Slabtown Road bridge Monday, July 2, 2018.  The new Bath Township bridge, BTH-165-3.22, located 0.12 mile north of Sugar Creek Road, will replace a truss bridge built in 1941.  The low bidder was R & I Construction of Tiffin, OH at $521,692.50.  Construction of the new bridge should be completed in late October.

2018 Contract Paving Bid Awarded

On June 22, 2018, bids were opened for the 2018 contract paving throughout the county.  The Shelly Company of Findlay, OH was the low bidder.  Their winning bid of $1,117,914.56 for 12 miles of paving also includes various asphalt planning, lane striping, traffic maintenance and mobilization.  Revenue for this work is primarily from State of Ohio Issue 1 Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) funds, and Allen County townships also pay their portions.  Work should be completed by November.

2018 Road Program

The Allen County Engineer and the 12 Townships collectively maintain 352 and 550 miles of roads, respectively.  Unfortunately, most of the roads are in disrepair and there isn’t enough money to fix them.  Therefore, every Spring the County Engineer and the Township Trustees evaluate the conditions of every road in the County.  Once the condition ratings are established, these agencies meet to prioritize which roads need to be fixed with the limited resources available.

A meeting of all township trustees, the Allen County Engineer and Allen County Commissioners was held on Tuesday, April 17th at 11 A.M. at the Allen County Engineer’s Office, 1501 N. Sugar Street, Lima, Ohio.  The meeting was to discuss and finalize the 2018 Road Programs for township, village and county road work in Allen County.  At the meeting, County Engineer Brion Rhodes reviewed the totals for road work for the county, twelve townships and six villages.

These totals are as follows:

Grand Total Estimated Cost for 2018 Road Program = $2.03 million

Entity                                              Paving (miles)           Chip Seal (miles)

County (including fairgrounds)    3.1                                   30.3

Townships                                                 7.2                                   53.1

Villages                                                      1.1                                     2.8

Totals                                                    11.4 miles                     86.1 miles

The Allen County Commissioners passed a resolution approving the 2018 Road Program at their regular agenda meeting Thursday, April 19, 2018.  Allen County Engineer’s road crews will begin work on the 2018 Road Programs in May.